Wholesale Products

Thank you for your interest Zet Zone products & buying in wholesale. Zet Zone’s provides premium quality products on very attractive price & discount for customers.

Zet Zone’s Unique Feature Is, Its Products Are Offered In Pure Rayon, Chambray, Denim 100% Combed Cotton, Cotton Lycra, Silk, Viscose, Lycra, Jersey, Polyester Etc. To Keep Its Customers Satisfied With Utmost Comfort Through Its Own In House Design & Development Team To Cater To The Market As Per Need Of The Hour And, To Make It Cost Effective Too, To Be Afforded By One And All At Reasonable Price Around The World.
We provide very competitive discounts on our already low-priced products. Below are our wholesale prices, terms & conditions, Please feel free to write your question/clarification any time at customercare@zetzone.com | info@zetzone.com  Please note wholesale orders will only take over email and will issue the bill via PayPal  to receive the payment and  the parcel will be send by DHL or Aramex. 

Discount and Shipping

Minimum Order
Coupon Code
Shipping Cost   
Shipping Time
$500.00 - $1000.00
USD1.79 per item
Standard Shipping 10-15 Business Day’s    
20%$1001.00 - $2000.00
USD1.79 per item
Standard Shipping 10-15 Business Day's
$2001.00 - $3000.00
USD1.79 per item
Standard Shipping 10-25 Business Day's 
$3000.00 and above
USD1.79 per item
Standard Shipping 10-25 Business Day's 

Countries: US, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Euro Countries: USD1.79 per item.

Rest of Country USD3.00 per item.

Refusal of Shipment cancelled shipments are subject to 30% restocking fee. The buyer will be responsible for shipping fees if the parcel is already shipped.

Please note: orders over $500 might be delayed 2-7 days due to customs, as Custom is an independent government agencies, we cannot control the time, if they take time for clearance

Payment : Please contact us to open a wholesale account and get a wholesale order form,  Acceptance of payment for wholesale orders will be through PayPal & Bank Transfer only.

Social Media :
 LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram are all approved sites to advertise on.

Exclusivity : Zet Zone’s does not offer of our brand to any retailer or area.

Distribution : Zet Zone’s  can distribute their products anywhere in the world.

Product Quality : Zet Zone’s is a brand and quality manufacture, our all products are made by order only, so there may be 5% variations in color of fabric and embroidery 

We Customize Any Size and Length.